Ubuntu 12.04 – Precise Pangolin

Canonical cranks out another winner – Ubuntu Precise Pangolin

The long term support version of the popular Ubuntu Linux was released earlier this year in April with much fanfare and ‘hype’. The OS is out for last 5 months and the first update to the version is already out. The new update only adds to the stability and hardware compatibility.

Ubuntu has improved the the use of Linux Operating systems on desktops & laptops and changed the world’s perception towards free and open source software. Ubuntu team keeps cranking out new releases and updates for Ubuntu Desktop operating system and provides the latest and the cost cutting edge technology available in the software market.

The beauty is not that it is free, the irony is that other OS development companies charge end users with dollars. With Ubuntu & many other Linux Desktop operating systems, several applications come freely bundled for unlimited usage and are compatible with many commercially available software.

The critical aspect is that of the User Interface. Conventionally, all Linux desktop operating systems relied on Gnome or KDE for the user interface and since those were the only two feature rich user interfaces for Linux OS, there was no uniqueness in linux distributions. With Ubuntu, the user gets a fresh and contemporary, forward looking user interface which the Ubuntu team has developed and packaged along with their latest release – The Precise Pangolin.

Ubuntu has so far released 16 versions of their OS and have a clearly defined road map for the next 5 years, which demonstrates their vision and commitment towards the Operating System. It would be interesting to see how in the years to come, Ubuntu penetrates the corporate world with their OS, applications and support packages thereby providing alternative to Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS.

Some interesting snapshots of the popular desktop system are below.

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