After installing Ubuntu 14.04

If you have decided to move to the next LTS version of Ubuntu and have indeed installed Ubuntu 14.04, here are work arounds to fix some minor but critical issues you may encounter once you start using the system in production. This applies only to Desktop OS.

  • Skype icon not showing in the top panel

When Skype (the latest version released by Microsoft) is installed, it does not get an icon in the top panel in the right hand side corner. You can sign in Skype but when you click on the windows close button, the Skype windows closes leaving you stranded because you cannot open the window again. If you click on the Skype Icon in Unity, it will throw an error that one session of Skype is already running. To fix that issue you need to run the following command

    1. open terminal
    2. sudo apt-get install sni-qt:i386 (It may throw an error); if it does then run the following command
    3. sudo apt-get install ia32-libs – followed by the above command
    4. Restart the computer. Start Skype and once it starts it takes a couple of minutes for the Skype icon to start showing in the top panel.
  • Spell Check in LIbre office Not working-

In a default Ubuntu 14.04 installation, spell check does not function for some geographies and for some languages. No additional software is required – just some configuration changes in Libre office. Following are some things that one needs to do to get the spell check working

    1. Open Libre Writter
    2. Click on Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Languages. The one which have a ‘ Blue Tick Mark’ in the drop down are the ones which are installed on the computer. Select one of them; else download a new one that you need and you select the same in the drop down once installed.
    3. Restart the computer. Spell check should now start working

spell check

  • Microsoft Core fonts could not be installed –

Sometimes it happens that you are installing the Ubuntu Extras and for some reason the internet connection fails or the power fails and you need to reinstall the Ubuntu Extras package. I have encountered this issue several times, that while the Ubuntu extras appears to be installed, Microsoft Core TTF fonts don’t appear in Libre office and one has to reinstall them in order to use them. A simple command to re-install MS Core fonts is

sudo apt-get install –reinstall ttf-mscorefonts-installer

Restart the computer and you are all set.

  • Standard Software to install – easy to configure Ubuntu to your liking

– Users & Groups Management Tool –  sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools

– Google Chrome, Google Talk / Hangout Plugin (Open in any browser, google will prompt you to install Google Chrome. Go ahead and select the system architecture and install the Google Chrome Browser). For installing the hangout plugin, visit google plus ( and sign in and try to create a new Hangout. Google will prompt you to install the plugin. Install and enjoy.

– Tweak Tool – sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

– Ubuntu Restricted Extras – sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

– Thunderbird Extensions – Snapshot below

thunderbird extensions

Interesting extensions for thunderbird client

– Firefox Browser Plugins – Trust me it blocks all ads, you can download youtube videos and videos from many other sites. Snapshot below

firefox extensions 1 firefox extensions 2



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