Make Google Calendar default in Thunderbird

For quite some time, people have complained about not being able to accept calendar invites in Thunderbird where Google Calendar has been configured as default calendar. Well below is a great thing to know that you could accept meeting invites in Thunderbird and choose which calendar you would want to that event to reflect… YES.. that is possible


  1. Latest Thunderbird
  2. Lightning Add-on installed
  3. Google Calendar Provider

Thats all folks. Now the tricky part.

  1. You should have configured google calendar to be seen in Thunderbird with bidirectional access
  2. Now do the following
    1. Edit->Preferences->Advanced
    2. Click on Conf Editor and click on ” I will be careful, I promise”conf editor
    3. In the search bar type:
    4. Default value for this would be ‘false’false
    5. Double click it to make the value ‘true’ true
    6. Close the Config Editor
    7. Restart Thunderbird
  3. Once Thunderbird starts -> Go to Calendar and Right Click on the Google Calendar which you want the events to be processed by
    1. Click on Properties
    2. Select the Email -(gmail in this case – the calendar you want to make as default for accepting invitations)
    3. OK-> Close
  4. Restart Thunderbird

Next time you receive an invite and you click on accept, a pop will appear where you can decide which calendar should the event be processed in.

Enjoy the lightning 🙂



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