Temperature Monitor for Ubuntu Servers

We are all aware of software & method of monitoring temperature of processors, motherboards etc on ubuntu desktops using software like psensor. However, for servers, it becomes quite difficult to monitor as there is no GUI. You have depend on command line. Following is a simple way of monitoring temperature of key components like processor, motherboard and tracking power consumption as well

$ ssh into your server and run following commands

$ sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

$ sudo sensors-detect (on running this command you will have to answer several questions. Just accept the defaults)

$ sudo service kmod start

Now the fun part

To know the temperature status at a given point in time run the following command in the terminal

$ sensors

To know real time temperature and power consumption changes run the following command

$ watch -n 1 sensors  (1 in the command represents refresh frequency in seconds.. change it to suit yourself)

Enjoy !!



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