Shifting to KDE Plasma from Unity

With Canonical declaring end of life for Unity and end of support in 2021, its time to look at more usable DEs than the default DE that Ubuntu is going to ship with in the 17.10 release on wards. Enough is said on the internet about Gnome and its usability, however in my opinion it is a matter of personal choice. You either like a particular DE and fashion your workflow around the functionality of the DE or you fail in using the DE.

For me, I failed to adjust to Gnome for variety of reasons and I am going to write a post as to why Gnome could not be my choice of DE. However, in this post, I am putting forward KDE Plasma as an alternative DE to Unity for all those who do not want to use Gnome. I have started my study for an alternate DE a few weeks ago and I am quite fixated on KDE Plasma.

Below is the video I made as to how one can configure or setup KDE plasma for a basic usage and get done with all the necessary settings in less than an hour unlike in Gnome, you take several hours.



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